How to configure the webcam online

How to configure the webcam online

Modern the webcam allow not only to communicate with friends by video conference on one of social networks, but also to organize business negotiations with the help of online conferences. To use possibilities of webcams, they need to be connected and to configure correctly.


1. First of all, check whether necessary drivers are installed on your webcam. For this purpose click "Start-up" the main menu and find "Control panel" where in the opened list of subsections pass into "Printers and other equipment". When on the screen the new window opens, click the Scanners and Cameras tab and look whether there is among active devices your webcam. If you see it, so drivers work, and you can begin setup of the device.

2. Functioning of any webcam is ensured not only appropriate programs for activation. It is possible to configure the device of video conference and by means of online programs – the programs intended for communication in Internet network (for example, in Skype).

3. For a start specify whether the Skype system considers your webcam active. Open the homepage of the program and in the Tools menu follow the link "Setup". In the opened list of subsections select "Video settings" and check whether there is a mark opposite to the Include Skype Video function - the mark should be present surely. You can also check its activity if select the subscriber and will click the line "Video conference". In the lower right corner of the opened window you will see the video image. If video does not appear, reinstall drivers – or those that were applied to the webcam, or download new, – and again check existence of the image.

4. Change settings of the video image if you do not accept its quality. In the same subsection "Setup" find the Settings of the Webcam tab and click it. Establish the engine on other brightness, a color gamma or contrast what you did, you will see all changes immediately on the computer monitor. As soon as you accept version of the image, press the Save button and again check video.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team