How to create a tab

How to create a tab

Infinitely traveling around virtuality open spaces, the user understands that it is necessary to be at the same time on two websites. For example, to discuss film new on social network and to look for material for the philosophy essay. Not to refuse to itself pleasure, it is possible to open two and more tabs in the browser. There are several ways.

It is required to you

  • The computer with connection to the Internet;
  • The installed browser (any).


1. At an active window of the browser click at the same time two keys - ""ctrl T"". In the right corner the new tab which immediately will become active will open. Enter in an address bar addressof website or select from bookmarks and click "input".

2. In the right corner in a window of the browser click "plus". In an address bar of a new tab enter the address and click "input".

3. Double click a band on which already open tabs are located. In an address bar of a new tab enter the necessary address and click "input".

4. Find the New Tab command in the File menu and click. Pay attention that in the Google Chrome browser this command is in the Setup menu (""Tools"").

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team