How to create templates for ucoz

How to create templates for ucoz

The template for uCoz is a description of arrangement of elements of the website and a graphic view of the site. The template should facilitate work of the user and in any couples to it not to disturb. But, at the same time, at it there has to be a certain highlight which will attract the visitor and to promote that he spent excess time on the website.

Create a template for the uCoz platform is not something very difficult. Certain knowledge and understanding of the principle of work with uCoz are necessary for implementation of this idea.

It is possible to study bases of drawing up a framework directly on the website uCoz. For this purpose it is necessary to register on the portal, to come into "Control panel" and to select the Designer of Templates item. In this point it is possible to find all necessary instructions for drawing up a framework.


In total there are four main ways of creation of a template for uCoz. Work with each of them requires different knowledge.

Creation of a template for uCoz from scratch

During creation of a template from scratch, there is an opportunity to make it author's and unique. At first, it is necessary to draw a template sketch on paper or in the simple graphics editor. This drawing can be very conditional. The main thing — it should transfer an essence of what you want to see as a result. Further from this sketch the full-fledged template in the Photoshop program or another by similar, having similar potential is drawn. Then the drawn template is imposed and adapts according to requirements of the uCoz system.

Creation of a template for uCoz from a HTML-template

Creation of a template for your future website on uCoz from a HTML-template is the simplest way. He assumes at you existence of the ready imposed page which needs only to be placed on the uCoz platform, according to rules of creation of a frame template. Difficulties in this way can arise only during creation of styles for website elements. For example, such as pop-up windows, comments and similar eelement.

Creation of an uCoz-template from the PSD model

This way is a special case of creation of the website from scratch. In it it is supposed that you already have a website PSD model drawn in the Photoshop program. This method requires high knowledge of imposition. A PSD template it is necessary to cut and adapt correctly graphics then it can be imposed as the normal page in html.

Adaptation of an uCoz-template from other CMS

Adaptation of a template for uCoz from other management system is one of the most difficult methods. For this purpose not only knowledge of the basics of the designer of the websites uCoz, but also knowledge of other CMS is necessary.

For creation of a template by this method the ready template for other CMS, for example, for the WordPress, DLE or Joomla systems is required. Then it is necessary to adapt structure of the given CMS for structure of the uCoz system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team