How to create the Internet service provider

How to create the Internet service provider

Internet provayderstvo gains considerable steam now. These services allow to make available communication between computers around the world, of every spot on the globe that does them very popular and high-growth.

It is required to you

  • - Switching equipment;
  • - contract with other provider;
  • - advertizing.


1. Determine what you see the future of your firm. One business if you are engaged in providing provider services only in your area. But at an output on city level it is necessary to carry out absolutely other tasks. It also influences the equipment, necessary for purchase, with whom to sign the contract what will be a local area network, its ideal speed.

2. Buy the necessary equipment which possesses all necessary technical characteristics. The switching equipment which will be required to you turns on the digital modem, the network switch, the router of network. Remember that continuous monitoring of operation of all computers in your network will become necessary therefore you will need setting of a control system on the basis of the server of management of remote access, the control station and the workstation of the system administrator.

3. Sign the contract with other provider for purchase of traffic. Purchase of own plate with unlimited packages will become ideal option. Packages of this type have a certain speed which on one channel will already be divided into users. Therefore contact high-speed higher provider. Otherwise your clients will be connected at a low speed, and it for you - big minus. Do not forget that the client also should be sure that he is not threatened by the attacks of viruses. This moment very important also shows your level of quality.

4. Think up advertizing: begin best of all with your area. You can independently stick the printed declarations, throw into leaflet mailboxes. Your advertizing should be followed by your phone number, coordinates of office (at the beginning there will be enough rent of the normal apartment) and selection of your "pluses" (high speed, favorable rates, etc.).

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