How to create the new login password

How to create the new login password

The login and the password – necessary parameters for an input on the website, in social network, e-mail. They are required to exclude access for swindlers to your profile.

It is required to you

  • - personal computer with Internet access.


1. At registration on the website and also during creation of an e-mail from the user it is required to enter the login – a unique name by means of which the user logs in the account or mail. It is not so difficult to think up it especially as each mail resource offers several versions of the name of the user account which are presented in the form of the small list. As a rule, types of such login are based on the data entered earlier – a name, a surname, date of birth.

2. During creation of own "name" you can use one of the available options or specify the. At the same time you can vary with own name, a surname, date, to add digits, letters and special signs. Try to create the login, convenient for you, that in case of loss it was possible to be restored. For example, Irina Sergeyevna Ivanova will suit the user with a name the login of a view This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is also possible to include parts of names of relatives, nicknames of pets, any other words and characters in the account.

3. As for the password, it, unlike the login, should be much more difficult also zakovyristy. For its writing use digital-alphabetic value with adding of special characters. Alternate signs of the cipher in any order.

4. But in any case as the password do not use a part of your login. Also you should not include in it the passport data, date of birth, the residence. You remember: the password, the more in it is more reliable than signs, the protection of your data is higher. But the main thing - do not forget the password. Therefore for the convenience save it in the text document or in a special notepad.

5. To exclude the probability of access for strangers to your data on social networks, to e-mail, games, never tell anybody the login and the password. For reliability of times a month change them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team