How to create the second mailbox on Yandex

How to create the second mailbox on Yandex

In any free mail service you can create an unlimited number of electronic mailboxes. Mail of Yandex – not an exception. To create the second mailbox on "Yandex" and to use two accounts at the same time, use two browsers.


1. In the first browser which you use most often become authorized in "Yandex.Mail" under the main account. In the second browser, for example, Internet Explorer set by default in the Windows system create the new account in "Yandex.Mail". For this purpose come on the e-mail server of Yandex located according to the link: Press the Get Mail button. On the screen there will be a window of registration and its first step. Enter a name, a surname and the desirable login in the respective fields. If the login is free, click "Further".

2. In the following step think up the password, enter it in the special field and duplicate the field of confirmation. Further select a confidential question and enter on it the answer. After that, for safety of the account or in case of loss of the password, you can specify your main e-mail and/or mobile phone number for password recovery to mail. The last that needs to be made, it to enter I smoke – characters from the picture at the bottom of the page. different browsers that every time not to log out of the account and not to enter couple the login password.

3. Also you can collect letters from the second box in the first and from the first in the second. In other words, you can create redirection of letters from one e-mail on another. For this purpose in the account which you use most often follow the link "Setup" in mail window. Select the Collecting Mail from Other Boxes item in a settings window, then enter the address e-mail and the password from a box from which you want to redirect mail on the account then click "Include the Collector".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team