How to cure a virus of VKontakte

How to cure a virus of VKontakte

The virus designed for users of VKontakte to be in a system as vkontakte.exe or vk.exe, but can have also other name of the file. It gets on the computer when downloading small programs which author is unknown. At its installation for a moment the black window which quickly disappears appears. At this moment the virus infects a system. When the user visits the website of VKontakte, instead of the personal page next time, he will see the message with the requirement to send SMS to unblock the page.

It is required to you

  • The computer with Internet access.


1. The virus of VKontakte blocks access to social network by means of the hosts system file intended for comparison of the address clear to the person in network with the digital IP address. The IP address represents a combination from four digits separated by points, such as the IP address of the website of VKontakte - It is inconvenient for storing by the person, but is necessary for computers for communication with each other. The operation principle of the hosts file is very simple. It is enough to register a normal name of the website in it and to add the IP address to which the computer should pass to get on the specified website. It also does a virus. It adds the name to the file, but compares it not with the IP address of the real website, and with the IP address of the website of swindlers on which the fake page with the message about blocking is located. Therefore, actually your page is not blocked what you can make sure of, having come on it from not infected computer. To unblock access to the website of VKontakte on the infected computer, it is necessary to find and delete at first a virus then to clean the hosts file from the records made by it.

2. To find a virus of VKontakte the infected computer with Windows XP, open the My Computer window and click "Search". In the left side column click "Files and Folders". In the respective field enter a file name - vkontakte.exe. Open "Additional search options" and select checkboxes for points: "Search in system folders", "Search in the hidden files and folders" and "View the enclosed folders". Click "Find".

3. In the Windows 7 or Vista operating systems open the Computer window and pass into disk C, enter vkontakte.exe in a search box and click Enter. If in results nothing appears, repeat search in the Computer area.

4. Delete all found vkontakte.exe files and repeat search for vk.exe. The virus of VKontakte can have other name for the purpose of masking. If you managed to find nothing by means of search, continue it by means of the antivirus preferred by you. If for some reason you do not want to install an antivirus on the computer, use free utilities for single scanning, for example Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or ""Dr.Web CureIt!"", who do not require installation. You can find them on the websites of developers. After removal of a virus it is possible to start cleaning of the hosts file.

5. To open the hosts file in the Windows XP operating system, open "My computer" and enter path in an address field: %SYSTEMROOT%system32driversetchostsНажмите Enter. In the appeared window select the Notepad text editor.

6. In the Windows 7 or Vista operating systems it is necessary to go some other way. Open category "Standard" in the All Programs list of the Start menu. Find the Notepad program. Click its icon with the right mouse button and start on behalf of the administrator, otherwise the system will not allow to save changes. In the opened text editor, click "Open" in the File menu. In the appeared window switch the Text Documents (*.txt) display to "All files". Click once across the field of the address, copy in it path: %SYSTEMROOT%system32driversetc also click Enter. In the opened folder select the hosts file and click it two times with the left key of a mouse.

7. On the screen the hosts file contents will be displayed. Erase all lines containing the addresses,,,, etc. The virus substitutes the addresses not only the website of VKontakte, but also many other social networks. If you never opened the hosts file earlier, then just delete everything, except a line of the containing localhost. Save changes with the menu "File" and the Save point. Access to social network "VKontakte" will be restored.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team