How to decrypt the VIN code

How to decrypt the VIN code

The VIN code is the universal identification number of the car. It consists of seventeen characters. Each character of the code bears certain information on the machine. It is possible to recognize by VIN where and when it was made the car, body type, date of assembly of model, etc.


1. The VIN code consists of three chasteyWMI – the first three digits of number. Are the world index of the company which made the car. The first digit gives information on a geographical zone of vendor, the second identifies its country, the third speaks about the name of the firm.

2. VDI – a descriptive part. Goes from fourth on the ninth position of number inclusive. It is of the greatest interest to the motorist since has heavy information load. However the order of arrangement and the meaning of digits are defined by the manufacturer that complicates reading the code.

3. VIS – a distinctive part, with 10 on 17 characters. The last 4 signs surely are digits.

4. The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth characters give information on characteristics of the vehicle. In it the type of a body, the engine, the model number, a series can be written. At each machine these values can be especially individual. The ninth character is target figure of the code. Identify correctness of all VIN by this number, it is often used in the American cars. The tenth character designates the model code of the car. The eleventh speaks about the plant of assembly of the machine. Other characters designate an order of production and are individual for each vendor.

5. There is a set of the online services helping to decrypt the corresponding code. For example, the VIN Informer program which allows to work with 17-unit VIN. However numbers which are not conforming to standards are not recognized on such resources.

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