How to delete the account in ICQ

How to delete the account in ICQ

Understanding of that is frequent, empty correspondence according to ICQ what is the time takes away, provokes emergence of natural desire to delete it. Then the rush passes, the curiosity concerning possible new messages begins to torment, and the remote ICQ program takes the place on a desktop again. And sooner or later there is a question whether it is so possible to delete the account in ICQ once and for all?

It is required to you

  • - Computer
  • - Internet
  • - ICQ program


1. Before deleting the account from ICQ, think of less radical measures. For example, if you do not want to communicate any more with any of those who is already added to your contact list, then add it to the list of ignoring. It is very simple to make it. Guide the cursor addressed to the unwanted interlocutor, right-click and in the appeared tab choose the Ignore command. From this point you will not see any message from this user of ICQ, will not bring him out of an ignore list yet. At the same time you will see if he types the text.

2. If all of you made the final decision into the account of "exit" from ICQ, then for a start attentively view the contact list. Think with whom you would not want to interrupt further the communication. Not to lose none of the acquaintances, friends and business partners, send them messages with an explanation of the fact that you stop using ICQ and specify other means of communication with you then you can break to removal of the account.

3. In general, most it is impossible to delete the account in ICQ. But here nevertheless there are two solutions of this problem.

Option first. Come from the computer into the ICQ program and change all information on yourself. Then change the password on that which you will not be able to remember. Further, leave the program and delete it from the computer. Thus, you will not be able to come into ICQ under this account any more and it is quite possible that after a while the administrator will delete it as inactive.

4. Option second. Also change all information on yourself, but not for any, and taken from so-called black - sheets, that is black lists of spammers (this information can be found in the Internet). Then leave ICQ and delete it from the computer. AOL, as a rule, deletes such uina.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team