How to delete the history of visit of the websites

How to delete the history of visit of the websites

Each browser with installations by default conducts the history of movements of the user on the Internet, available for viewing by any who has access to the computer. If you want to delete these records from maintaining confidentiality reasons, then the browser can give you such opportunity.


1. If it is necessary to clean history in the Opera browser, then it is necessary to open its menu and in the section "Setup" to select the line "Delete Personal Data". In a cleaning settings window, all installations are hidden by default. Expand their click the links "Detailed Setup" and check existence of a mark opposite to the Clean the History of the Visited Pages point. Does not prevent to make sure here that together with history also something useful will not be deleted. Having made it, click the OK button.

2. In Mozilla FireFox for carrying out similar operation click in the section "Tools" of the menu of the browser the line "Setup". In a settings window go to the Privacy tab and click "Clean Now" to open a window with the heading "Removal of Personal Data". Here it is necessary to check presence of a tag at point "at other data types and start process by clicking of the Delete Now button.

3. In Internet Explorer the history of visits is called by "the log of the observer" and path to its removal lies through undressed "Service" in the menu. In it there is a line necessary to you - "Delete the Log of the Observer". It opens the window broken into sections and in one of them ("Log") the Delete History button is placed. When you click it, the browser will demand to confirm removal of records - click "Yes".

4. In Google Chrome for transition to a window of data scrubbing of viewings it is possible to click a combination of the buttons CTRL + SHIFT + DEL, and it is possible to open the menu and in the section "Tools" to select the line "Removal of Data on the Viewed Documents". This browser deletes history on depth which you specify in the corresponding drop-down list. Do not forget to give a mark at the Clean the History of Viewing point before clicking the Delete Data on the Viewed Pages button.

5. In Safari Apple for operations with the history of visits there is a separate section ("History") in the menu of the browser. Operation of its erasing ("Clean history") is placed in the most bottom line. After the choice of this operation the browser will demand confirmation - click "Clean".

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