How to disconnect mail

How to disconnect mail

Sometimes, in view of total rejection of use of e-mail, some users need to deactivate the mail. It can be connected with registration of the new e-mail address in other mail service or for any other reason. This option is used extremely seldom. If you after all decided that mail is not useful to you any more, then you can disconnect it.

It is required to you

  • Deactivation of the option "Use of the E-mail Address" in the system of Google.


1. At registration of an e-mail in the system of Google a large number of additions automatically joins your profile. For example, all available additions can be browsed on a page of the account ( Therefore disconnection of mail from Google involves deactivation of your account in all additions.

2. There is such option as "Parameter of shutdown of service" which allows completely disconnect an e-mail for your domain. To find this parameter, it is necessary to execute the following: open the Setup of Service tab, select the E-mail item. In the opened settings window of e-mail open the General tab.

3. Scroll all list to a bottom line – the section "Parameter of Shutdown of Service".

4. Completely to disconnect mail, it is necessary to click "Disconnect E-mail". After that the new page which will contain the description of consequences of shutdown of your e-mail will open. When reading this material, attentively check all consequences. Make the decision whether really it is necessary to disconnect service of your e-mail.

5. Make a choice, having clicked one of buttons:
- Yes, to disconnect an electronic mail service. Change of parameter will become effective within 30 minutes;
- No not to stop an electronic mail service.
After that click "Save changes".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team