How to get into logopedic group

How to get into logopedic group

Unfortunately, many children lag behind in speech development. The kid can not say sounds of the native language or mispronounce them. Also the dictionary and a grammatical system of the speech can suffer. Not to have subsequently at school of problems with reading and the letter, visit the logopedist and, if necessary, transfer the child to logopedic group of kindergarten.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of the regional logopedist;
  • - the direction of preschool institution on PMPK (if you to the commission are directed by DDU);
  • - package of documents.


1. If the preschool institution directed the child to the psychologo-medico-pedagogical commission (PMC), then in advance learn hours of its work in policlinic. Prepare the full package of documents including an extract from the out-patient card of the child, the conclusion of the pediatrician and other experts (according to indications and according to the found deviations in development of the child). Also show the birth certificate of the child, the insurance policy, data of tool inspections (EEG, MRI, KT, REG) if they are available.

2. Have examination of experts in advance, the conclusions of the neurologist, the ophthalmologist, the otolaryngologist and the orthopedist/surgeon most often are required). The commission, after inspection of the child and studying medical documentation, will make the decision. For the direction in logopedic group it is necessary to have violation in pronunciation of two or more groups of sounds, or existence of the diagnosis: ONR, ZPR, FFNR, FNR in the logopedic conclusion. The commission has the right to determine a type of correctional establishment by a profile of the revealed speech violations.

3. If you decided independently to try to transfer the child to logopedic group, and in your city there is no regional logopedist, address the manager of your preschool educational institution, or in that establishment where you presumably are going to define the kid. At affirmative answer and a possibility of transfer of the child in logopedic group, independently pass to pass PMPK. Also collect the package of documents and submit them for consideration of the commission.

4. In case of the negative answer, you can try to define the child on logopedic classes at a logopunkta in preschool institution. Submit independently the application for PMPK. The direction on visit of classes on a logopunkta at affirmative answer to you will be given by the commission. In a year you will be able repeatedly to try to pass the commission for receipt in logopedic group if in it there is a need.

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