How to do feints on the gamepad

How to do feints on the gamepad

The gamepad - the perfect input device for game process. It allows the gamer to carry out actions of the character of a cyberspace with the greatest speed, simplicity and efficiency. Including, the gamepad is ideal also for implementation of graceful receptions, feints.


1. Most often the concept "feint" belongs to team game sports (soccer, hockey, basketball) and designates the outstanding action confusing the rival. A feint in this case - some kind of focus misleading defenders of the defending command concerning position of a game shell (or possibilities of access to a ball or a washer).

2. However not only in NHL, PES and NBA (hockey, football and basketball simulators) it is possible to apply feints. The set of effective receptions are in faytinga (Mortal Kombat, Tekken) - there they are called "combo". There are feints and in games on passing, and in races.

3. One of the most popular feints for the hockey NHL simulator is pushing through of a washer (Push up). In receptive period the club does wide deceptive movements ("to the right-to the left") while the washer slowly slides forward, under blow. For carrying out a feint clamp the top additional keys on the gamepad (R1 + L1) and key O.

4. In football simulators (the effective feint - probros a ball on the course between the rival's legs is Fifa, PES). Make it, having clamped R1 + "square". It is important that the rival wanted to select a ball, actively put pressure - it will allow to make a feint beautiful and effective.

5. Combos for Tekken, Mortal Kombat are various "superblows", captures and blows from a turn. Often one-two feints which are repeatedly executed can decide destiny of a batch. "Revolving object", or blow from a turn, is carried out by a combination "triangle" (double clicking) and long deduction of the right lower additional button (R2). Double deduction of analog "triggers" will help to carry out "superblow" (is different, depending on the character).

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