How to earn from the e-wallet

How to earn from the e-wallet

WebMoney represents an electronic monetary system on the Internet. It exists not the first year and enjoys confidence, thanks to the high level of safety. The e-wallet is assigned to a certain user. You can make payments on fee, purchase of goods, money transfers, to carry out a currency exchange. But the little at the same time know that by means of the e-wallet can also be earned.

It is required to you

  • - e-wallet of WMZ, WMR


1. Open own exchange office WM. For this purpose some means on the e-wallet will be necessary for you. You undergo simple registration in the system of WebMoney. You are registered in the Megastok directory and you get profit. You set rates of exchange office at discretion.

2. Sell WM cards. They are the fastest way of replenishment of a purse. You can be engaged in their resale. Cards are bought under the agreement in the system of WebMoney. On them you install the margin which will be your profit. It is possible to implement WM cards on acquaintance, through the Megastok directory, via the website or other services.

3. Issue personal certificates. For this purpose you need to issue the certificate of the logger and to acquire the right to carry out certification. You set the cost of the services independently. You appear in the directory of loggers through which you also will be found by clients. Also you can carry out advertizing of services on third-party services or create the own website.

4. Issue to WebMoney the credits. For this purpose it is necessary to have some sum on the e-wallet. You visit the website of WebMoney in the section of the credits. You can, both to find the creditor from asking, and to register the offer, and clients will contact you. You discuss terms for crediting independently, the system of WebMoney provides only the contract between you and the borrower and acts as the guarantor of the transaction. It is recommended to cooperate only with the users having the personal certificate.

5. Sell PIN codes of payment of mobile services, services of the Internet and television. For this purpose you need the own website, the blog or a page on the Internet. The system of WebMoney issues you the special code. You receive the installed percent for each replenishment through the partner program.

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