How to choose the water heated towel rail for the bathroom?

How to choose the water heated towel rail for the bathroom?

The heated towel rail is a device for drying, and not only crude towels, but also other medium-sized things. The comfort of the bathroom which is usually warmed with this device also depends on convenience and functionality of a radiator. What heated towel rail for the bathroom it is better to choose – water or electric – depends on needs of the consumer.

How to choose the water heated towel rail for the bathroom?

The water heated towel rail connects to a system of heating or hot water supply. It is convenient as there is no need for the additional equipment. However if the house is disconnected from heat and water, the heated towel rail will remain cold.

Choosing a water radiator, it is necessary to pay attention to some characteristics. For example, it is necessary to consider that when giving heat there can be situations when pressure in pipes of heating rises up to 10 atmospheres. Naturally, it is necessary to choose such heated towel rail which will sustain this loading. Technical information is in the passport of a product.

Among materials which use for production of radiators it is possible to find non-ferrous metals and the steel processed against corrosion. However experts advise to choose products from stainless steel which provides reliability and durability of the heated towel rail.

At equipment selection it is necessary to consider also such moments:

  • diameter of the available pipes and the acquired radiator have to coincide, at a discrepancy it is necessary to buy adapters in addition;
  • reliability of fastenings;
  • existence of a guarantee;
  • harmonious design.

If there was a dilemma what firm it is better to choose the water heated towel rail, it should be noted what it should not be saved in the matter – too cheap unit can be a low-quality fake. Well proved such firms as Zehnder, Energy, Kaiser, Frap, Elghansa, the NICKNAME, the Slang, the Rhythm, the Sail.

What heated towel rail it is better to choose for the bathroom – electric or water?

The electric heated towel rail has a number of advantages before water, for example, it does not depend on giving of heat and hot water. Also it is not obligatory to install such heater near pipes of heating or water supply – it can be placed in any convenient location.

Among shortcomings of the electric heated towel rail it is possible to note that it considerably increases an electric power expense. At bad quality of isolation of electroelements the electric electric drying machine can be life-threatening also health.


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