How to find the electronic journal

How to find the electronic journal

Editions of some logs prefer to spread issues of the editions on the official sites. Access can be full or partial, paid or free. Visitors of the website can sometimes read thus only those logs which are sold already out in booths.


1. Make sure that you are serviced by provider on an unlimited rate. Pass to the official site of the log which you wish to read in electronic form. Try to find on the main page of this website the reference under the name "Archive". Follow this link.

2. You will see the list of years of release of the logs available for viewing. Select at first year, and then month. After that there will be a link for downloading of the local copy of the log, the list of articles or pages for viewing separately (in a text or graphic view), or a plug-in window (Flash, Adobe Reader or Djview). If the necessary plug-in on your computer is not installed, download it from the official site of vendor and install.

3. If on the website the possibility of downloading of the issues of the magazine on the hard drive of the user is provided, load one of releases, and then determine by expansion of the received file what for its viewing is required the program. Most often it is Acrobat Reader or Djview. Sometimes files are placed in archives, for example, of the ZIP format. Consider that existence of a possibility of free downloading of logs does not grant to you the right to post them on any other websites.

4. If access to all releases or their part is paid, carry out the solution on its payment proceeding from the cost of this service and own opportunities. Some editions give an opportunity to pay only once, having bought a disk with releases of logs for all years of their output. Before to buy it, contact edition and take an interest what on a disk is used a format of files. Get a disk only if for the operating system which you use there is a browser of files of this format.

5. Official archives of some logs (for example, Popular Mechanics) are presented not on their official resources, and on the website Google Books. Visit this website, pass into an advanced search mode, select Only Full Viewing option and enter the name of the log. If edition of this log signed the contract with Google Books, you will be able then to select desirable release in the list and to start its viewing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team