How to find the unread message

How to find the unread message

Thanks to social network "VKontakte" the users have an opportunity to communicate with each other not only in groups and communities, but also directly by means of private messages. The history of correspondence is saved, also as well as on many programs for communication (ICQ, QIP). As necessary it is always possible to look at it.


1. You have a personal page in a social net of VKontakte. In its left part the menu is located. Near the My Messages point the number of unread messages which were sent you by friends is placed. Select this section and come into it. Open a dialog which interests you to read messages. Only the last messages left by users are specified in the section "Dialogs". If you open each subsection, then will see all history of correspondence.

2. On social network all unread messages are selected in blue color. During correspondence in "Dialogs" this rule extends both to messages of the interlocutor, and to your letters. Until you do not read the message which was sent you by the user, on its page in correspondence it will be highlighted in blue color.

3. Read the new message that your interlocutor did not learn about it, it is possible in one simple way. Select the section "My Messages", without opening the letter highlighted in blue color click addressed to the user who sent it. Its personal page will open. On it select the Send the Message item. Select the inscription "Pass to a Dialog with the User", you will see the full history of correspondence and that last unread message. If you followed all these instructions, then color of the letter will not change.

4. If you use the mobile Internet of MTS, Beeline or Megafon mobile network operators, then to view the messages sent you on a page in a social net and you can answer them by means of the mobile phone. Visit the personal page and in the section "Setup", near the Receive Private Messages from the User through SMS point check. Before using this service, learn its cost from the mobile operator.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team