How to increase the speed of a gallop of files

How to increase the speed of a gallop of files

A large number of users faces slow loading of files. There are several ways of increase in speed of downloading from the Internet. That loading moved as soon as possible, observe the recommendations presented in this instruction.


1. If you met on the Internet the program by the size several kilobyte which developers claim that thanks to it the speed of downloading of files will be high, do not load it on the computer. Similar programs will not help you with work at the computer, it is rather on the contrary. As a rule, they are malicious applications and are located on the websites, providing free downloading. If at you on the computer it is installed avtivirus, then it for certain will not miss such applications in a system. Keep in mind that the program thanks to which the speed of loading of files will increase does not exist.

2. Learn what speed of the Internet at you. For this purpose look in the contract for the conclusion of services with Internet service provider, what data plan at you. In the same place speed will be specified. After that check whether there corresponds the speed specified in a data plan, actual speed? Follow the link for check of connection through the online test. If after several checks it turns out that actually the speed promised by Internet service provider does not correspond to real, contact its technical support. In confirmation of the words make previously prepared online text screenshots. After that problems are obliged to fix.

3. Check a way of loading of files. If you use a standard download manager, for example, from Internet Explorer, then there is no wonder that you have problems with speed, breaks of downloadings, etc. this manager does not possess basic functions for downloading of files. Surely find to it an alternative. Usually users prefer the Download Master application for the Internet Explorer and DownThemAll browser for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

4. In certain cases speed of loading of files does not depend on your connection. Even if all technical recommendations, file exchange networks are observed (a torrent, etc.) have no standard speeds. Therefore it directly depends on settings of the program by means of which you load information.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team