How to learn to jump in water

How to learn to jump in water

It is independently quite possible to learn the diving. Overcoming fear – one of success components. You shouldn't try to surprise surrounding with the bravado, making the jump, not being to it prepared in advance. Such "feats" are necessary to nobody and can lead to sad consequences.


1. Land preparation has to precede the diving. It is necessary to fulfill coordination movements in advance, to be convinced that you have no fear of height.

2. Well trained vestibular mechanism, ability to operate the body in air is the key to the successful diving. It is reached by acrobatic exercises: jumps through the horse, the buck, series of somersaults on gym mats.

3. We remember the main phases of the diving. Their of everything four: approach, push, flight and entry into water. The easiest way the dismount legs from the front stance is considered having caved in, in the people it is called the jump "tell-tale".

4. If to begin to study the diving in the pool, then it will look so: having approached the first line of the board, to rise in the stance "quietly". The trunk at the same time is straightened, arms at side, the chin is raised, feet are connected and parallel each other, toes we take the edge of the board. At the direct back it is necessary to bend slightly legs in knees and to sharply make take-off from the board in the direction forward-up.

5. When flying in air it is necessary to keep the vertical position of the body, slightly caving in back, the head is raised. Entry into water has to be at right angle to its surface without the large number of splashes. For this purpose during performance of the jump not himself needs to watch the step, and to try to be guided in land objects.

6. If it is impossible to make dismount with take-off at once, then it is possible to begin development of the diving with recessions, that is with passive falling. The home position of the body same, as in the first case. Only instead of take-off we carry out slow bending which turns into falling. During that moment when position of the head appears below the trunk, the heels have to go up, feet are extended in the straight line. Falling in water is made at the direct back, hands are extended to water, the angle of occurrence makes 70-80 degrees.

7. If the fear of the jump independently doesn't manage to be overcome, ask the help for more skilled companion. At the beginning it is possible to practice pair jumps, holding hands. Jumps in couples remove emotional pressure, and through two-three of such occupations you will be able easily to jump in water without assistance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team