How to hide pimples

How to hide pimples

Pimples are the real problem, especially for gentle female face from which people of teenage age, as a rule, suffer. Besides feeling of discomfort, pimples and eels can lead to emergence on skin of traces which are not so simple for removing. It is possible to cope with this misfortune by means of the correct skin care and also cosmetics which is picked up intelligently. The first will prevent appearance of new pimples, and the second – will disguise already available.


1. The heat-spot which has suddenly developed on face can spoil not only mood, but also possible campaign on secular action. Take care of the person to get rid of these annoying and so undesirable elements of your lovely face. But while the problem takes place, try to hide presence of pimples on the skin.

2. Clean the face. So you will get rid of the died-off integument cages, clean the hammered pores and prevent appearance of new heat-spots. Use for this purpose soft srub which will not scratch skin. And it means that such srub will not cause irritation of pimples and will not lead to their inflammation. And the inflamed pimples become very noticeable on skin. You can use also cleaning gel with effect of peeling.

3. Wipe face with tonic to remove residues of dirt and fats. Tonic will well purify skin and will allow it to breathe freely.

4. Skin then should be moistened with appropriate means to give it additional elasticity and smoothness. If you have problem skin, address the dermatologist for council concerning what moisturizing cream it is better to use. Buy the special means for problem skin destroying bacteria which provoke appearance of eels and pimples (having also consulted to the dermatologist).

5. After such preparation it is possible to do make-up. To disguise pimples, use the good proofreader (concealer) which can be bought practically in any cosmetic department. Cover with this proofreader only problem places.

6. The best proofreaders have, as a rule, greenish or yellowish shade. Why? Yes because these colors best of all mask pimples. Also look at structure: qualitative proofreaders do not contain oil.

7. Then apply liquid foundation over the proofreader (it also should not include oil in the structure). It will be the last stroke in the course of masking of pimples and upclassing of skin. Before going to bed surely purify skin that at night it could breathe freely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team