How to make a banner of VKontakte

How to make a banner of VKontakte

On pages of social network "VKontakte" declarations banners — both for business advertizing, and for informing users on the group community enjoy wide popularity. Each user of VKontakte will be able make the bright, memorable banner, having used the editor of Photoshop.

It is required to you

  • - the program installed on the computer - the Photoshop graphics editor.


1. Write down the sketch of future banner on paper. Start the Photoshop program editor. In the top menu click "Window", make sure that the inscription "Toolbar" is noted by a checkbox (if is not present, then click on an inscription). After that contract the dropped-out menu, having clicked on any place of gray space. Open the image the Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut (English letter). Click C (English). The instrument of framing is activated.

2. On the panel under the top menu you will see fields for length and width, set banner sizes. Select the necessary section of the image. Selection can be dragged: move the cursor in selection, clamp the left mouse button and drag in on other area of the image. To cut off, click Enter.

3. Supplement a banner with the text. For this purpose click the English letter T on the keyboard. Click any area on a banner, print the necessary text. Switch to any other tool that the text was saved printed.

4. Add an inking: in the Editing menu select "Stroke", select color of the line and set its thickness in pixels. If the shadow is necessary, then for a start click "Window" and check near "Layers". The panel of layers on which one layer ("Background" or Background) — the cut-off image, the second layer — the text will open.

5. Click with the right mouse button a layer with the text, select in the dropped-out Imposing Parameters menu. In the opened window click "Shadow" (creates a shadow in one party) or "Outer glow" (creates a shadow extensively). In "Outer glow" click a small square with a color and select necessary from a palette. Change the imposing mode to achieve the necessary result. Click "Ok" to complete.

6. Decorate a banner with additional effects. Make colors brighter: "Layers" → "The new adjusting layer" → "Selective color correction" (play with a romper suit for the best color scheme) or "Hue/Saturation". If necessary to cut a part of the image, find on the toolbar of a lasso and click on an icon with the right mouse button.

7. Select a magnetic lasso. Put the end there from where you want to begin selection, select on an outline. Having selected everything, you should return to an initial point. There will be a running dotted line. Click on the Ctrl+Shift+I keyboard and delete with the Del button the selected part. Then click Ctrl+D. Fasten all layers in one combination of Ctrl+Shift+E.

8. Save the image the Shift+Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut or in the File menu → "Save the file as...". Select JPEG from the list of formats (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe), call the file and set quality 12. Click "Ok" for saving changes. The file will be saved in the folder selected by you.

9. Add a ready banner to VKontake. Use hints of a viki-marking of the page of group or community to insert a banner. Save changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team