How often it is necessary to change the password

How often it is necessary to change the password

The password - guarantee of safety. It protects the user's computer from different threats from the outside, does not allow malefactors to find confidential information and to make something with it.

Perhaps, not a secret that beginning users of personal computers use the same password for the majority of the accounts in network, for protection of the account, etc. It is one of the biggest errors as malefactors can compromise him and, certainly, use him. In this regard, users of personal computers should think of always to install (or at least to try) different passwords on accounts, accounts in the Internet, etc. Besides, one of the theories confirmed in practice any more not once says that the password needs periodically to be changed. Periodic change of passwords will allow to protect even better the computer and confidential information on it, but also, it will complicate cracking process to malefactors as old information which it is possible was found by them will not be relevant any more.


Periodic change of passwords


Periodic change of passwords is requested today by not all services, programs or the websites. In the majority, it is inherent in different Internet purses (for example, the Kiwi or Yandex.Money). It is unlikely someone from the user of similar resources and, respectively, electronic money wishes that some third parties used its means. In this regard many owners of such purses just agree to regular replacement of passwords. In settings of a system the user can change date of replacement of the password. For example, she can demand in month, three months, half of year, year or in general she can be disconnected.


It should be noted one more important nuance which is that malefactors generally use brute force (one of cracking methods) and if the user did not change the password on any account already long time, it will be possible to make it very easily.

How to make the password and how often it needs to be changed?

If the user nevertheless worries that its password can be compromised, then every two weeks (most optimal variant) is the best of all to change it. Certainly, the password should not consist only of a surname, a name, date of birth or still something that many people can know. The password should be thought out difficult which will comprise both digits, and a letter and at the same time, its length should be not less than 10 characters. Such password can be changed less often, for example, once a month or two, but even in that case the probability of cracking or password guessing will remain. It should be noted that else it is desirable to delete all cookies, history and logs in settings of the browser. It will allow to increase safety of the personal computer of the user too.

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