How to insert on ucoz the cap for the website

How to insert on ucoz the cap for the website – one of the most often used free hostings involving webmasters with the opportunities which significantly exceed possibilities of other free hostings. Having the website on ucoz, you can edit its design and change design and also change a website cap. Will be able to replace the image in a cap both the experienced, and beginning webmaster having the main knowledge in the field of HTML and CSS.


1. Prepare the image with which you want to replace the picture which is available in a cap. Create the Images folder on the server and load into it your image, previously having changed its size that that corresponded to the cap size. Optimize the image for the publication on the Internet – the picture should not weigh much, it should have the jpg, png or gif format.

2. Open the file manager and copy path to the image which is laid out on the server which should be the following view: http:/ваш сайт.ru/images/mypicture.jpg.

3. Now pay attention to a template of the homepage of your website. Find the tag where image is path to the image of an old cap which is on the server in its top part.

4. Change the link in quotes to new, corresponding to the selected image. After that refresh the homepage of the website and look what turned out.

5. In certain cases the image is installed at once, and does not break structure of the page. If you saw that the cap after loading of the new image was displaced, or the picture does not approach by the size, again come into the section of editing the page and supplement a cap with HTML codes, changing the sizes, a framework and alignment of the picture that it in the best way approached a website cap form.

6. Having dealt with editing the top image for the homepage, further you will be able to implement the creative ideas and in more difficult aspects of design of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team