How to insert the link at a forum

How to insert the link at a forum

Forums give unique opportunities for communication, self-development, search of new friends and advance of any activity. Communicating in forums, you quite often face need to add the reference to some materials with which you would like to support the opinion in the message or just to share interesting information with other users. Let's consider options of an insert of links at forums to different sources.


1. At some forums the function of transformation of the text of the link into the active link is installed. For this purpose you need to specify the link completely, using before it http://

Copy and insert into message address of the website or its separate page which you want to share with users of a forum. It will not take away from you more than a minute of time.

2. To insert correctly issued link into the forum message, for a start copy it in yet not sent post. Further you need to install tags for a hyperlink. Let's consider as an example forums on the phpBB engine, widespread in network.

Write manually or select in the edit toolbar of tags [url] [/url]. Between these tags enter that text which will be displayed on the place of the link. Then in the first open tag after url put an equality sign and enter the copied link to the necessary website there.

Example of correctly created hyperlink: [] Text of the link [/url].

3. If you want to give the reference not on the external website, and on any internal message of a forum, then at the majority of forums for this purpose there is a special function. Near a name of the author and date of placement find the drawing of a small leaf in heading of the forum message necessary to you. Right-click on it and select the Copy a Label item. Now you can insert the given reference into the message any of above-mentioned methods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team