How to install games for PSP

How to install games for PSP

PSP – the popular portable gaming platform which allows to start games in any place and at any time. Start is carried out by means of the special disk UDM or via the USB stick of the Sony Memory Stick format which are installed in the corresponding connectors on the device case.

It is required to you

  • - disk with the game PSP;
  • - file of the game PSP in the ISO or CSO format.


1. If you execute start of a game by means of the disk bought in one of game shops you will need to install it in the corresponding slot of the reader located on the PSP case. Press the button of extraction of a disk located in the top part of the device. Depending on the version of your prefix and its form factor, the arrangement of this button for extraction of the disk drive can change.

2. Install a disk in a prefix the laser party down the direction to the screen then close a cover of the disk drive and wait for definition of the media in a system. After that unblock a prefix and click on a disk drive icon on the screen. A game will automatically be started on the device. It will not be required to make for installation of further actions.

3. If you want to install a game on the Memory Stick USB stick, insert the media into the corresponding connector located in the top part of the device. Connect a prefix to the computer in the USB mode which is also available in the main section of the menu.

4. After definition of a prefix in a system select the Open the Folder for Viewing Files item. Pass into ISO directory for unpacking of the files of a game downloaded on your computer.

5. Move the file of a game from the folder on the hard drive to this directory. It should be noted that the copied files should have the ISO or CSO extension for successful start. After copying you can disconnect a prefix from the computer.

6. Pass into the PSP menu and select the section "Games". In the offered list click at just copied game. If the file is suitable for a prefix and operation of transfer of files from the computer was executed truly, a game will be started on the screen of your device. Installation of a game is complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team