How to choose the vacuum cleaner with aquafiltry

How to choose the vacuum cleaner with aquafiltry

The vacuum cleaner with aquafiltry has two undoubted advantages: its force of suction does not change when filling dust collector and it is more energy efficient than vacuum cleaners of other designs. Therefore it is worth thinking of its purchase, so, and of the choice of the model suitable you.


1. Choose models of vacuum cleaners with aquafiltry from the famous producers. At the moment leaders in production of such devices - the Italian and German companies. Such producers as AMETEK, BAYER, Soteco YES LUXE, KARCHER make high-quality devices with the innovation technologies of cleaning. In normal network shops of household appliances of model of these firms it is possible and not to meet, usually they are sold in brand departments of the producer.

2. Important parameter of the vacuum cleaner - suction power. If you buy the vacuum cleaner for cleaning of the small apartment, and you have no fleecy carpets or carpet, to you there will be enough device with power of suction of 250-300 W. If turboshchetka surely are necessary for you for cleaning, and you have many carpets, it is better to take the vacuum cleaner with power of suction from 350 W. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with conveniently located power adjuster.

3. The most important characteristic of the vacuum cleaner - basis of design of its aquafiltr. The device price with aquafiltry first of all depends on this parameter. The cheapest models have the passive filter with water, such filter does not dissolve dust completely therefore the vacuum cleaner can be equipped also with normal bag for collecting dust. You should not count that vacuum cleaners with passive aquafiltr will purify air in your apartment, on the characteristics they approach normal vacuum cleaners.

4. More expensive models of vacuum cleaners possess active aquafiltr. In it by means of pump the powerful whirlpool is created therefore dust is completely dissolved in water. After cleaning of the room such vacuum cleaner air becomes much purer.

5. The most expensive models capable to purify air practically for 100% possess the separator filter which works at molecular level. Such vacuum cleaners can costs more than one thousand dollars.

6. Vacuum cleaners with aquafiltry usually more gabaritna are also heavy, than vacuum cleaners of other types therefore when choosing it is worth paying attention to convenience of movement of the vacuum cleaner. Producers try to create such models which would be to move conveniently, despite big weight.

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