"How to install the program if it is blocked"

"How to install the program if it is blocked"

The UAC function, or "Control of accounts of users", can create restrictions for installation or start of some programs. It leads to the fact that the utility of the conductor of the software blocks the selected application.


1. For implementation of start of the blocked program it will be required to click on the message of a system about blocking of automatically loaded application in notification area. Deploy a command "Start the Blocked Program" and specify this application in the opened submenu. Confirm performing the selected action in the appeared UAC dialog box, having clicked "Continue".

2. Make sure that login is carried out with the rights of the computer administrator, for permission of start of the required program by means of the built-in utility "Scheduler of Tasks". Open the main system menu, having clicked "Start-up", and print "The scheduler of tasks" in a text box of the search string. Confirm performing search, having clicked a function key of Enter, and click "Create a Task" in the left panel of the opened application window.

3. Print a name of the created task in the field "Name" of the opened dialog box, and summary of a task - in the field "Description". Make sure that in the line "Security settings" the used account of the administrator is specified and apply a checkbox in the field "Execute with the highest rights". Save the made changes, having pressed the OK button.

4. Go to the Triggers tab and use the Sozd0at command. Specify the option "At Login" in a drop-down list of the line "Begin a Task" and apply a checkbox in the field "The user or group". Confirm the choice, having pressed the OK button, and go to the Actions tab.

5. Click "Create" and use the Overview command in the opened dialog box. Specify the executable file of the selected program and confirm performing action, having pressed the OK button. Once again press the OK button in a dialog box of creation of tasks and complete operation of application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team