How to kill the first boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

How to kill the first boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The very first serious opponent in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – a giant who is near a login to Asin's lock. Let it and the first, but the hardkornost of a game made even him the "classical" ordinary boss. How to cope with a giant from Sekiro?

Giant and fire

The giant who is near a login to Asin's lock is rather serious opponent. It differs in slowness, but if nevertheless catches the player, it will be enough for departure of the last to the next checkpoint.

But you should not despond – he can be killed, and for this purpose it is possible not to use additional tools even. However, in that case the user should subject the nerves, a warm rhythm and reaction by the most real test. Or it is possible to use way, simpler and safe for the main character, – to be at war with the first boss by means of elements of fire.

In general all opponents in the game Sekiro to a degree are afraid of fire and try to depart to have a rest if the player sets fire to them. But to devour opponents with red with the eyes which are afraid of fire most of all. And just the giant concerns such opponents.

Therefore it is worth visiting this boss how on hands there will be a flame thrower and enough the oil strengthening and prolonging effect of burning. While the giant burns – he can be beaten, but it is better not to be greedy and strike 3-4 blows.

It is also important to select the field for fight – best of all to be at war not about gate, and near a fire, below. Below the player in case of need will have an opportunity to climb up a tree or an arch. There it will be possible to receive medical treatment.

How to attack? When the giant rushes on the player for capture, it is worth evading from it, to be hooked by a hook for a block on a neck and to strike several blows.

Where to take oil and a flame thrower

To find both a flame thrower, and oil, it is necessary to find a half-ruined lodge in which there lives a mad woman in the neighborhood of Asin. She will accept the player as the son, and, regardless of a dialog and a conversation, will give him a hand bell. It needs to be carried to the temple and to communicate to the carver. He will give several advice.

After that it is necessary to pass through the bridge, to kill the policeman with several dogs, and then to jump for gate. Just there the carver's idol will also sit. After its visit it is necessary to return back.

Near that place where there was a carver, it is necessary to visit several islands and to find the dealer on one of them. He will be glad to sell several values for a scale of a carp. Among valuable goods there will be also a flask capable to give to the player resistance to burning if he drinks from it.

To find a flame thrower, it is necessary to approach a fire through the yard to the right. But it is necessary to work silently as on streets a large number of opponents goes.

To a word speaking, oil just falls practically from each prostrate enemy going on roads of this location. To increase the level of oil and chance of its receiving, it is necessary to burst a green trophy sphere (if it is).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team