How to learn ip of other person

How to learn ip of other person

Each computer which has Internet access has an IP address. It is necessary for calculation of number of unique users of the websites. Using methods of social engineering and web service, you can learn the IP address of someone else's computer

It is required to you

  • The computer with Internet access, the account on any social network or service of message exchange


1. Visit the website and enter in the Copy Target URL in This Field field of any URL. For example Click "Generate IPLOGGER Link". IPLOGGER will save the addresses following this link, and also date and time of transition.

2. Now send the link which is in the first field to the person whose address you want to learn. Do preview of the message to make sure that no tags at us got out. Copy somewhere, for example, in a notepad or on a desktop, the identifier IPLOGGER. It will be displayed at the bottom of the page and is required for viewing statistics further.

3. Click "Viewing Statistics" and if the person to whom you sent the message followed the link, then you will see it in the list. If in the list it is empty, then refresh the page after a while. For this purpose or click "Update", or the F5 button on the keyboard.

4. To learn IP of the person at a forum do not force it to follow the link, and just send it IPLOGGER picture in private messages. It is better if this picture is invisible. For this purpose on the same website click "Generate Invisible IPLOGGER".

5. Now copy the link from the first field in your blog or to your page. Copy the code from the second field in the message to other user. When opening your message he will suspect nothing because the picture will remain invisible.

6. Come on and click "Viewing Statistics". If there it is empty, then click "Update". When the person reads your message – in the table of viewing statistics its IP will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team