How to look for in file hosting services

How to look for in file hosting services

Search of necessary information on the Internet sometimes can take much more time, than it would be desirable. To simplify this unpleasant and not always the successful procedure it is necessary to follow the minimum set of rules which will allow at short notice and with the smallest efforts to find what is necessary.

It is required to you

  • List of file hosting services
  • Search resource


1. Open the file hosting service and find a search pane on the page. As a rule, similar resources place this column on the foreground that the user without effort could get to work with the file hosting service. Most often it represents a line with the pop-up column of the choice and the Search button.

2. Enter the name of the required file in the search string. Even if you cannot remember the exact name, search can be will run by a name fragment. However, in this case it is necessary to make sure that you truly remembered this fragment as search results can be much that will take you more time, than it would be desirable. It is recommended to use name fragments not well than four letters. The request is recommended to be made out in the form of a simple word with an unary space. The word root without declensional endings and prefixes will be the best option.

3. Start search of the file by the rubricator if search by a name did not yield necessary results. Unfortunately, not all file exchange networks possess the rubricator. It is connected with the fact that users create content of the file hosting service, but they not always complicate themselves selection of the corresponding category for the files.

4. Use the search engine if two previous steps did not bring desirable results. For this purpose it is necessary to create request in which the name of the file and the address of the file hosting service were mentioned. Work with time of a system of search engines much better, than internal service of the file hosting service.

5. Set a top at a forum or the guest book of a file exchange resource if nevertheless nothing was succeeded to find. As a rule, moderators carefully trace requests and wishes of users. As a last resort, other participants of network who know about location of this file can give the answer. Also it is impossible to exclude option that someone from interlocutors has the required file, so he can share it directly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team