How to maintain anonymity in worldwide network Internet

How to maintain anonymity in worldwide network Internet

It is more and more people and devices connect to a wide area network or are constantly connected to it. We leave more and more information on ourselves in network. Sellers that it is more successful to sell us the goods hunt for it; the people conducting social researches; malefactors who want to reach our savings or data; spammers, etc. An antivirus + the firewall is already not enough standard set. To secure itself and to make the stay in the Internet comfortable, additional tools are necessary.

All of us go on-line by means of programs observers, or browsers. Regardless what browser you use, your browser supports additions (expansions, plug-ins).

We block advertizing

First of all, what it is necessary to make is to install the extensions for advertizing blocking. Advertizing is not so harmless as it seems at first sight. Advertizing banners except that show you certain goods or services, may contain functionality for shadowing you or even for remote control of your computer. Of course, with such opportunities the advertizing is allocated only by unfair advertisers, but nevertheless, it is desirable to make secure. The most popular disablers of advertizing are expansions for the Adblock, AdGuard and uBlock browsers  . They are for all popular browsers. Side positive effect from installation of such expansions will be the fact that each page on the Internet which you open will become much more readable: dozens of annoying flickering banners and pop-up windows will disappear. Faster loading of the websites will be other essential plus.

We cipher traffic

The following step is , actually, an anonymization. There are several solutions. Let's consider at first the solutions implemented in the form of additions for browsers.

The first of them is Browsec. This expansion exists for the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It is possible to download it on the official site of the same name. This expansion directs all your traffic through the protected, encrypted VPN channel. At the same time, first, practically nobody can decrypt your traffic, and secondly, to define your physical location. Very useful expansion which besides is very simple for using. Side positive effect from use of this expansion is that you can get access to the websites which are blocked in your country.

We turn off shadowing

The following useful expansion - Ghostery. It reveals the tracing bugs, indicators, markers, scripts of analytics and the behavioural analysis on the page opened by you. By default it does not block them but only reports to you about existence of tracking on the website. And further you make the decision what company to allow to monitor your actions on the Internet and what - to prohibit.

We disconnect scripts

Further it is possible to turn off automatic execution of scripts. For this purpose there are extensions GhostScript, NoScript and their numerous analogs. Scripts have huge potential, up to saving, opening and change of files on your computer, obtaining information on your location, reading of clicking of keys and movements of a mouse. Therefore shutdown of scripts will in addition secure you at web surfing. Minus at shutdown of scripts is that the functionality of some websites can suffer. For example, often the menu, animation and some additional functionality on the websites are implemented by means of scripts. But also any website to which you trust and which regularly you use can be added to ""white list"".

We use TOR network

The following solution for anonymization of the stay in network - use of special protocols.

Tor is an anonymous network of virtual tunnels through which data are transferred in encrypted form. Tor Browser is the browser implementing transfer of traffic through the Tor anonymous network. It is possible to download it from the official site of the TorProject project. After simple setup and connection to an anonymous ""bulbous"" network, the browser is ready to protection of your private information at visit of websites. On the page of developers simple rules to which it is worth adhering during the work on the Internet by means of the Tor browser are given to maintain the privacy. 

We use virtual private area networks

We already considered expansion for connection VPN. But it will work only in that browser via which you go online now. At the same time the operating system or other applications can go online at the same time and thus deanonimizirovat, reveal you.

If you need to maintain more strictly anonymity in a global web, it is possible to use the OpenVPN application for your computer or the mobile device. It exists for Windows platforms, Android, Mac and iOS. After installation you are just connected to one of a set of available servers, and all your traffic begins to go through the encrypted VPN connection. 


We considered the most basic tools for maintaining anonymity on the Internet, and in 90% of cases they will help you to save the personal information at surfing on open spaces of a wide area network. But you remember that for 100% any system cannot provide protection, the weakest link of they are the person. Therefore try to use the Internet reasonably. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team