How to make on the news website

How to make on the news website

After the website is created, and it begins to develop, and the number of users increases, the webmaster has additional problems. For example, there is a need for providing the registered users with notifications about the latest news of the project.

It is required to you

  • Known CMS or script of a news feed.


1. If the website is created by means of the known CMS, then its equipment by a news feed should not make special difficulties. There is a large number of the ready modules and plug-ins capable to provide with notifications the news page and all users of the portal. All these scripts can be bought or downloaded on official pages of each specific management system of the website or at informal forums of developers.

2. If the website is created without the aid of any system, or made on the unique "samopisny" engine, then installation of a tape will be a little more difficult. However here ready scripts which in Network are enough can come to the rescue too. Having selected the necessary script, it is necessary to try it to install and to start separately. As a rule, scripts of news feeds are not supplied with any installers therefore will be to extract files from archive enough and carefully to test them on the local server.

3. If the test was successful, then it is possible to load the program on a hosting. It is also necessary to add the reference to the homepage of the portal that users could come on a news feed and read the last updates.

4. For adding of news in a tape in the majority scripts the administrator panel is used. How to enter it it has to be written in the readme file of archive with a script. There are simple news programs for introduction of data into which editing the normal text file is used. That news were displayed correctly, before adding of news it is necessary to read the rules of syntax described in the readme file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team