How to make out links in the text

How to make out links in the text

Link – from English "the link, a sheaf" - a word, a phrase or the picture (including animated) when clicking which there is a transition to other website. Sometimes instead of such covered link the website address is used just, but for the sake of attractiveness of the blog in general or specific material in particular links are usually ciphered.


1. The most widespread way of execution of the link – by means of the HTML tag. When using the simplest of them the page opens in the same window (and in the same tab). So this tag looks: <href= "" jump address""> comment on the link or other text </a>

2. Other tag allows to open the page in a new window (in the Safari browser the page will open in a new tab). If you do not want when clicking the link the page of your message to be closed, use this tag: <href= "" transition website address of"" target= "" _blank""> your comment </a>

3. It is in addition possible to supply the link with the pop-up comment. For example, when using the third tag guide the cursor at a word link, and you will see own comment: <a href= "" the page of transition of"" target= "" _blank"" of title= "" your comment in a pop-up window""> the text of the link </a>. At the same time a link will be opened in a new window. If you do not need it, change the tag a little.

4. As the link the picture, and any can be used. It is optional to you to download it on own computer, but open it and copy its address from an address bar. Then use the tag: <href= "" address of the page of transition"" target= _ blank title= "" your comment""> <img src= "" address of the graphic file""> </a>.

5. All listed ways approach if you make out links in the HTML-editors mode ("Source" sometimes is called). In the visual editor these tags are useless, but the link can be issued by means of special buttons. Select the word which you want to make the link. Find on the toolbar the button similar to two links of a chain (at guidance of the cursor there is an inscription "Attach the Link" or similar). Click it.

6. In the field enter the link address. The reader who clicked a matching word in the message will pass to this page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team