How to make the lighter in minecraft?

How to make the lighter in minecraft?

The lighter, or flint, in Minecraft are necessary for receiving fire on a plain surface and activation of the portal to the Lower world. Make this tool rather simply, it is necessary to find necessary resources only.

Why the flint in Minecraft is necessary?

Any flint spoils for sixty four uses so if you are going to burn out by means of this tool the woods on game open spaces, you get several additional lighters. By the way, burning out of the woods — quite effective way to clear away space under global construction. It is important not to get to the fire only.


The flint consists of an ingot of iron and unit of flint. Both of these resources rather widespread so problems with their search should not be. The flint can be collected in craft window (creations of objects) of the character with active area 2х2, but not 3х3 as on a workbench. So in the presence of the necessary resources, the flint can be created anywhere.

If to set fire to chicken, a pig or a cow, after the death of an animal you receive already fried meat.


Flint is extracted at gravel unearthing. It is the best of all to do it by means of a shovel. Gravel can be found on coast of reservoirs under a sand layer, in natural deepenings and holes. It is necessary to dig it carefully as if the block of this material falls to you on the head, you will begin to choke. Besides over or behind the block of gravel water or a lava can hide that threatens with unpleasant consequences. At destruction of the block of gravel with probability in ten percent it is possible to receive flint. So it is very simple to collect resources for one flint.

Iron — widespread ore which can be found lower than level 64. It appears in the world cores on several blocks. It is optional to climb deeply in caves to find pair of blocks of iron. It is necessary to extract it a stone, diamond or gold pick. Wooden will only destroy the ore block without any sense. The got blocks of ore need to be melted in the oven to receive iron ingots.

Any flint can be repaired on an anvil, but taking into account that on its creation it is necessary all on unit of iron and flint, it is simpler to create new.


How to make the lighter?

For creation of the lighter (flint) it is necessary to place flint and iron on diagonal in craft window. At the same time flint should be more to the right below.

Flint — an excellent alternative to torches. It not really well works in the normal world as fire goes out over time, but in the Lower world most of which part of surfaces consists of an infernal stone, the flame can burn eternally. So if you are going to dig over the Lower world, take a flint.

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