How to make VKontakte group

How to make VKontakte group

The social network VKontakte is very popular. Its advantage is not only the possibility of sending audio and videos, pictures and documents in private messages, but also an opportunity to earn money on the community.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet access.


1. If you have own group of VKontakte, you will be able to earn on it money, being engaged in advertizing of other communities or carrying out sale of any goods and services. If you have no own group, you will be able easily to create it. Enter on the page of VKontakte. In the upper left corner you will see the following menu: "My page", "My friends", "My photos", "My videos", "My audio recordings", "My messages", "My groups", "My answers", "My settings". Guide the mouse cursor at this menu and click "My Groups".

2. Before you the window in which you will see the list of all communities on which updates you are signed will open. In the upper right corner of this window the record "Create Community" will be located. Having clicked it, you will automatically open a window into which you will need to enter the name of the community and also to select that you want to create: group, action or public page.

3. In the following window you will have to enter all settings of your group, namely: make the description of your community, specify its address and location, to open or close access to audio and videos, photos, documents, discussions. Also you need to select privacy of group, that is to solve, open it will be or closed.

4. Your group is already created. Now you needed only to load into it fotgrafiya, to install the main image, to add entries on a wall and to invite in group of the friends. However you remember that the number of the users invited by you cannot exceed 40 people a day. Be engaged in public relations of the group and try to pay its advertizing. It can be done, having agreed with administrators of any other untwisted group. They will receive from you money and will lay out the link to your community on the wall. Quite so you will be able to increase number of subscribers of your group.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team