How to place the picture on the website

How to place the picture on the website

If you are interested in a question of placement of pictures on pages of the website which was made by means of Joomla, in it there is nothing difficult. Are practically added to Joomla of the picture as well as in other platforms. The bigger number of settings will be the only difference here that upon transition from one platform to another requires an operating time of actions.

It is required to you

  • In advance prepared image for an insert on the website.


1. To add the picture on one of pages of your website, it is necessary to start the visual editor in Joomla. It is desirable to use the image from your hard drive because it will be uploaded to your site. When copying the link to the image from other website, you have no guarantee that the link will live forever. The image needs to be edited, i.e. to crop and adjust the image on width of your page.

2. After the picture is ready, select the place where it will be located in your page. Give a mark the cursor and click Insert/Edit images.

3. After clicking of this button the new window with the heading Upload will open. In this window press the Add button. Select the image intended for this case.

4. In the field of Queue of the Upload window the name of the file will appear. Click Upload.

5. After the picture is loaded, it should be displayed in the field of "Detail" of a main window of the editor.

6. Now it is necessary to check compliance of the name of the inserted picture. In the field of the URL name of the file should match the original name of the file which you just loaded.

7. In the Alternate Text field enter the description of the picture.

8. In the field "Alignment" select one of three points.

9. It is necessary to enter any value in the Margin field. It does not allow "stick" to the picture to edges of the text of the page. Standard value – from 5 to 7.

10. After that, click Insert. You the loaded picture will appear in the edited text.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team