"How to play in ""SILT-2 the attack plane"" on network"

"How to play in ""SILT-2 the attack plane"" on network"

"SILT-2 the Attack plane" – the known Russian simulator of the warplane. The plot of a game affects some significant battles which happened during the Great Patriotic War. The game "IL-2 Attack Plane" supports both the single, and network modes of a game.

It is required to you

  • CD ""SILT-2 Attack plane"", joystick


1. Acquire the licensed version of the game "IL-2 Attack Plane". It is possible to make it in the nearest shop of computer games or in one of supermarkets where compact disks are on sale. It is also possible to order this game in online stores. If it grieves you to spend money for a quite good domestic game, you can download it. Codes on network will not be necessary for you for a game, but of developers all of you will get into a pocket. So decide that it is more important for you – a certain sum of money or the moral principles.

2. Study tactics of air fights on the example of a single game. It is not necessary to rush to network fights at once, playing with experienced fighters. To learn to play not bad in "SILT-2 the Attack plane" it is necessary to accustom at least several months. Read councils of skilled players, study tactics offered by them. After learn to cope with artificial intelligence of bots, you will develop the methods of a game, you can pass to the network mode.

3. Pass directly to a game on network. Load a game, in the control menu select "A network game".

4. Select the server for connection. After you keyed "Network Game", select "Be connected to the server". In the left window it is necessary to enter that server which you want to join. For example, il2.perm.ru: 21000 or If you want to find the server with simple settings, then it is possible to find them by means of XFire, iL-2 Connect or other similar websites.

5. Load the card and look through rules of the game. Yes, you already so many time trained on single versions of the game "IL-2 Attack Plane", but you never know did not consider any nuances. So reading of rules superfluous for you will definitely not be.

6. Select the pleasant airport. Their of everything 2 main – red and blue. The others are intended for duels. Further pick up the plane by which you want to fly and select other necessary options, for example, on whose party you will battle. Click "Apply", after that – "Departure" and after loading enjoy a game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team