How to post the website on the Internet

How to post the website on the Internet

Creation of own website, as a rule, is good advertizing and constantly growing income (with participation in partner earnings). Also personal website helps to hold communication with future partners or other interested persons. If you create the blog, then, most likely, you will have regular readers, blogs gain popularity. Creation and placement of the website on the Internet will demand from you performing some actions. At the correct approach to this business this occupation will not take away from you a lot of time.

It is required to you

  • The software on creation of the website, the FTP client.


1. For creation of the website the suitable software is used. To evaluate your website in real time programs on the basis of the Denwer complex were created. This complex includes a suite of application and utilities for web programming and creation of your future website. In other words, he allows to edit and evaluate the website directly in the web browser. With creation of the website you will be able to be helped by infinite series of video lessons which on Internet open spaces become more and more now.
In order that the website made by you on the computer appeared on the Internet, it is necessary to acquire the domain, a hosting and to copy files of the website on the server (through ftp-connection).

2. Domain. To understand what is it enough to depict your website as the person. The domain is a name of the website, that is an address bar of your creation. The domain usually looks as follows: If you already thought up to the child (website) a name, then immediately start registration of the domain. The companies which register domains now enough. A problem only in selecting the original name of the domain: the majority of domains with easy and short names are already occupied.

Hosting. If to provide abstractly, then this location of your website. For example, the hosting can be as in our country, and abroad. Preferences are given to qualitative hostings, for example, German. Some hostings, at payment of their services in a year ahead, offer the free domain in a set.

3. A final step after the choice of a hosting and the domain is copying of files on the server. For this purpose it is necessary to install the ftp-client (for example, FileZilla FTP Client). It is necessary to specify the login and the password of ftp-access which you received at registration of a hosting and the domain in settings of connection. After connection with your server it is necessary only to copy files of the website in the corresponding directories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team