How to pull out the password from cookies

How to pull out the password from cookies

Cookies are necessary to the user not only for faster loading of constantly visited pages. Remote servers independently save any given information on the user's computer that further it was convenient to work with data exchange.


1. To learn the login and a user password on resources, it is possible to use files. If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, and in it the record cookies option is included, you can in the program directly learn the saved logins and passwords. Click for this purpose at the top of the page in the menu of the browser point under the name "Tools". Select setup of a system. You will see the large window containing several tabs. Go to the Protection tab.

2. In the appeared window press the button with the inscription "Saved Passwords". Before you there will be a new window with the list of logins which were saved you on different resources. Click the Display Passwords button. Still you can protect this information, having selected installation of the password in the same menu.

3. If you use the Opera browser, then will be able to learn only user names. Open for this purpose the password manager in tools and look at the available logins. To learn the saved password, install the additional software, for example, of Opera Password Recovery. At the same time you remember that no third-party software guarantees you full safety of personal data for this reason remember passwords independently or use other browser.

4. Do you want to look at the password in Google Chrome? Then open settings in parameters, having clicked the corresponding point on the toolbar. Pass "expanded" into the section and click on "Show cookies".

5. If you are a user of the standard Internet Explorer browser, use the simple BehindTheAsterisks utility to pull out the password. It is the free program which possesses the intuitive interface and provides to the user an option of display of the password with characters, but not asterisks. This utility is available also for other browsers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team