How to register in Skype

How to register in Skype

Skype surely holds the first place among the computer programs designed to connect people. It is a necessary thing for those who have relatives in other cities or the countries. By means of Skype always perhaps free of charge to talk to the far person. In the absence of time for a dialog, it is easy for interlocutor to send the message. If desired, it is possible to install video conference and to see the one who was not seen long ago. Perhaps, the only complexity of this program - registration in it. It is important to study attentively all requirements and to answer all questions

It is required to you

  • The computer, a little free time, desire to communicate


1. Often those who wish to register in Skype, complain of impossibility it to make. The cell phone number entered at registration is not accepted by a system. Yes, often occurs quite so so. On demand ""Download Skype"" searchers give coordinates of a set of the resources offering to persons interested the required program. Links for downloading at the same time a huge number! There is a serious danger to catch a virus on the computer. An output is simple: it is necessary to download Skype only on its official site

2. What it is possible to see Skype on the official site? The window urging to join millions of users opens. In the same window, in the upper right corner, there is an Enter button. When clicking it there is a menu which, in addition, will ask: ""For the first time in Skype?"" will also suggest to register. Be registered. You create for yourself the account. It is necessary to make process of registration by simpler. It is required to specify the phone number, but to enter these digits correctly – the whole science. It is necessary to simplify a task. You should not specify number of cellular. It is necessary to click on the link ""Use the Existing E-mail Address"

3. Now it is required to enter the e-mail address. ""Further"".

4. Creation of the password. The password is entered here into this menu:

5. ""Further"". It is required to enter the name. It is necessary. ""Further"".

6. On specified earlier (see the Step the third) the e-mail address will come the letter with the code. This code needs to be entered into the certain place noted in the menu. ""Further"".

7. Now – it is necessary to enter I smoke then again to click ""Further"".

8. It is logged in to Skype. It is offered to begin work

9. After clicking of the green button ""Beginning of Work"" it is possible to work and communicate.

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