How to remove the pop-up page

How to remove the pop-up page

In process of distribution of the Internet appears more and more browsers ensuring convenient functioning with worldwide network. Browsers have a set of settings by means of which the user can ensure the maximum comfort during the work at the computer.


1. In addition to a set of advantages, the Internet has some shortcomings from which main thing is the risk of infection of the computer with viruses and trojans. Accidentally downloaded undesirable programs can complicate considerably work at the computer, and some even to open your personal data for swindlers. That to prevent it, first of all install a good antivirus. Also it is necessary to make secure, having blocked all undesirable pop-up windows, in addition to advertizing they may contain obscene information or even a virus.

2. Settings of work with pop-up windows are available in each browser. If you use the Opera Web browser, open the main menu of the browser. Find in it the General settings point and click on it with a mouse. It is possible to make it Ctrl key shortcut + F12. In a settings window open the Main tab. In functions of this tab there will be a question "Specify how to Arrive with Pop-up Windows". Having clicked a line below, you can install own settings: "Accept", "Accept in the background", "Block nonrequested", "Not accept". For safety of your computer and just for convenience of work with the browser it is recommended to select the Block items nonrequested or not to accept. Now the browser will automatically reject pop-up windows, and nothing will distract you from work. Save changes, having clicked OK.

3. If you prefer the Mozilla Firefox browser, press the Menu button which is on the toolbar, i.e. on a top line of an open window of the Web browser. In the Menu window select the column "Setup", and in "Settings" - the Contents tab. You need to put a checkbox near the line "Block Nonrequested Windows" if you want to prohibit their opening. If you use the websites to which you trust and whose pop-up windows can be necessary for you, press the Exceptions button in a line of settings of pop-up windows. Here you can enter the address of the website for which you allow opening of pop-up windows. Click "Apply" and OK to confirm the actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team