How to return the website to the index

How to return the website to the index

AGS is the filter of search engines of Yandex and Google. It is intended to delete the low-quality websites from search delivery. The filter almost completely excludes a resource from the index, leaving less than 30 pages.


1. At first sort out because of what pages of the website from the index were gone. The fact is that Yandex and Google can not only impose the filter on a resource, but also block it. It is simple to understand it. If the number of pages sharply decreased in search delivery, for example, was 100, and remained 20, then it is work of AGS. And if the website in general was gone from the index - it is the ban.

2. Find the reason of hit of a resource under the filter. Perhaps you sold links? Irregularly updated the website? Duplicated content from other resources? If you found the reason for which your website got under the filter of Yandex and Google, immediately eliminate it. To be exact, delete all selling links and links that conduct on the low-quality websites. Make the correct internal relinking. Publish only unique articles on the website. Buy links from trust resources. Delete all low-quality content.

3. If your resource got under the filter because of the duplicated content, then in the robots.txt file close indexation of tags, archives, categories and search results, that is all announcements, except those which are on the homepage. Make so: Disallow: / search/*Disallow:/2011/*Disallow: / author/*Disallow: / tag/*Disallow: / category / *

4. Close the noindex tag in a saydbara of the menu of categories, the calendar, archives, a tag cloud, the block under the name "Last Comments", an authorization form, all announcements of articles, except being on the homepage. That is close in saydbara all content except for links to other texts of a resource. Close the menu of categories, leave the menu of pages without changes.

5. When the website leaves from under the filter, open tags and categories for indexing. Do not forget to publish also new qualitative and unique articles and to buy from time to time a small amount of links from the qualitative websites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team