How to see the IP address

How to see the IP address

Before the Internet user sometimes there is a need to see the IP address - own, a remote server, the sender of an electronic e-mail. It is possible to make it in the different ways.


1. To see own IP address in a local area network, enter a command into consoles: ifconfig (for Linux);
ipconfig/All (for Winodws).

2. To see that IP address under which your machine is represented to servers on the Internet pass to the following website:Учтите that some networks are built in such a way that under the same external IP address the set of computers and other devices can work at the same time.

3. If you want to recognize the IP address of any given server by its domain name, use a command which in Linux and Windows registers equally: you learn ping domainn.ameodnovremenno whether the server answers.

4. For definition of the IP addresses of all intermediate nodes through which there passes your server request use its domain name as argument to the traceroute command (in Linux) or tracert (in Windows).

5. If you wish to learn the IP address of the sender of an electronic e-mail, open this message via the web interface of mail service. You use standard, but not WAP- or the PDA version of this interface. Find point corresponding to obtaining additional information on the letter in the menu. In it you learn from what IP address it is sent and also several addresses through which it moved in the direction of your e-mail server.

6. Take into consideration that an opportunity to learn the IP address of the user of ICQ is blocked now. You will not be able to make it, whatever client you used. The exception makes a case when your interlocutor uses the client of Miranda and itself allowed others to learn the IP address. In most cases the corresponding line will be located in information on the user.

7. If you are an administrator or, in certain cases, and will be displayed by the moderator of any given forum, the IP address of authors of messages near their texts. But from the same machine, block users who send offensive or similar messages under different nicknames to the IP addresses (as to make it, depends on the software of a forum).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team