Why leaves at young pear blacken

Why leaves at young pear blacken

Growing up pears, gardeners sometimes face such phenomenon as blackening of leaves. It can arise because of diseases, defeat by wreckers or violations of air humidity.

Bacterial burn

One of the reasons of blackening of leaves at pear is the bacterial burn. The plant through wounds and cracks on escapes, ustyitsa of leaves, nektarnik of flowers is infected. At sick pear the young leaves begin to blacken from edge to the center, the top ends of escapes in addition darken. Extending on vessels with the movement of juice, the bacterial burn affects plant from within.

For fight against disease during blossoming fivefold process all plants in garden solution of copper vitriol in lime milk. Solution has to be neutral (pH=7.0) as the surplus of vitriol can damage leaves, and excess of lime to reduce medicinal properties of liquid.

For prevention of bacterial burn surely disinfect all landing tools and container for water.

If infection has happened, cut off branches at distance of twenty centimeters from the struck place, at once burn scraps. Root out trees which cannot be cured and burn on the place.

Ordinary deaf adder

Leaves on pear if it was attacked by deaf adder ordinary – small winged insect of black-brown color who is capable to fly and jump blacken. Larvae and adult individuals exhaust juice from young escapes and greens, cause subsidence of ovaries and dying off of flowers, crushing of leaves.

Quite good means for fight against deaf adder – tobacco broth which needs to be mixed with dense soapsuds.

Honey dew which is emitted by larvae spreads and sticks together peduncles, internal parts of the revealing kidneys and young leaves on tops of escapes. On these allocations sooty mushrooms because of which leaves, branches and fruits get dirty-black sticky raid begin to develop. To cope with the wrecker, process pear of 60 wasps water, it is necessary to make it before blooming of kidneys. During disclosure of kidneys and before blossoming, the tree needs to be sprayed with carbophos solution (0.3%). During vegetation spray plant with infusion of garlic, tansy or onions peel, it before it should be mixed with wood ashes. For extermination of adult individuals use solution of trikhlormetafos (0.2-0.3%).

Air humidity

Air humidity is one more reason of darkening of leaves of pear. At excess dryness greens can turn black even at trees which it is regular and abundant water. In this case besides normal watering enter periodic spraying of plants plain water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team