How to send free of charge the SMS message

How to send free of charge the SMS message

Using SMS messages, you can always stay in touch with the family, relatives, colleagues and friends. If your balance is equal to zero, you can send the message with ease, using the computer and connection to the Internet.


1. If you know the operator servicing the subscriber to whom you want to send the message you can use services of this operator in free sending SMS messages. Visit its website then use search by the website or manually find a form of sending SMS messages. Enter number of the addressee and digit of the test code. Type the text of the message. Keep in mind that use of Latin as restriction on quantity of characters for one message, as a rule, higher will be the best option. than when using Cyrillics.

2. Use messengers, such as icq and mail.agent for sending messages. Install the messenger then register in a system to use its functionality on sending messages. Enter the messenger, using the login and the password then find the menu item which is responsible for sending messages to subscribers of a cellular network. This option is convenient if you need to send constantly SMS or if you do not know the operator of the subscriber to whom you write the message. Add new contact for calls and SMS then you will be able to send it messages. Keep in mind that when sending messages this way you will face restriction depending on a layout on which you print the message and also restriction for the number of the sent messages - no more than one in a minute.

3. You can also use services for free sending SMS, such as and SMS Keep in mind that these services, unlike the ways specified in the first two steps do not guarantee delivery of messages therefore use this option only as a last resort.

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