How to send the file of large volume

How to send the file of large volume

Sending files of the big size is connected with a number of difficulties. The solution depends on specific mail service, and restriction of attachments is influenced by the mailbox size.

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - Internet access;
  • - program archiver.


1. So, what means valid mail attachment? When you decided to send the file, it is more than 10-30 mb, a mail service will be given by the warning - mail attachment does not correspond to restrictions. Keep in mind, each service has restrictions for attachments, "", for example, allows to send letters to 30 mb, "" - 20 mb, and some services only up to 10 mb. So, at transfer of the file on a mailbox of other service, it can not reach the addressee even if your service reported about safe sending data.

2. Solve a problem with the help of file hosting services. It is possible to load the file without registration for,,, Management at all services is quite clear, despite the English-language interface. Load data from 100 to 500 mb.

3. Mechanism of work of file hosting services following: at first you load the file on the server, then receive the link the file which should be sent, and then send it in the letter. The recipient will download the file, having followed the link. Keep in mind, some file hosting services store information limited time after which the link becomes stale.

4. If attachment which you want to send not much more exceeds maximum permissible quotas, archive it. Use the WinRAR program, but for a start, install it on the computer. To place the file in archive, right-click on it, in a context menu select a line "Add to archive and send by e-mail". You can select "Add to archive", then, in the opened menu, select a name, or leave former, a format of archive, a compression method, archiving parameters. The Browse button allows to save the file in any place on the computer.

5. If you do not want to trust important information to the server, use direct transfer of files. Process consists in the following: the prepared file is downloaded at the link, but not from the file hosting service, and from your computer. During sending data do not close a browser window, the recipient will be able to load the file, only if you will be connected to the Internet. This way requires installations of the special program. Pay attention to Utorrent.

6. If you constantly communicate with the recipient, use a free Windows service of Live. The storage is password-protected, allows to exchange data online. You store files in the shared network folders. At the same time the link will be available to the recipient. To look at data, find the Communications group on the computer, further select the Insert tab and find the Hyperlink button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team