How to specify VKontakte higher education institution

How to specify VKontakte higher education institution

VKontakte – one of the most known, chastoposeshchayemy and popular social networks. There is even such joke: "you do not exist if you there is no VKontakte. Both school students, and students, and graduates use this network. In order that you could find as much as possible acquaintances and friends, it is necessary to fill out information on itself most fully.


1. Log in the account under the name and open the homepage. All necessary data can be filled out in two ways. The first – at the left, directly under your photo, you can see the inscription "edit the page", click it. In the opened window there will be several tabs, you need the education tab. Further open "higher education". Before you two fields "countries" and "city". At first select the country in which were trained, then the city. If your city is not in the offered list, then enter it manually. After introduction of the city for you other fields will become available for filling. The following line select higher education institution, consider that the same educational institution VKontakte can have different names (KGMU and KGMI, KGPU and YuZGU). Further specify faculty at which you studied department and the last point – year of release. After you make all necessary changes, save data. For this purpose at the very bottom of the page press the save button.

2. Check the saved changes, pass to the homepage, on the right in your personal information you will see the education block. If all of you correctly made, then the block will be filled. If for any reason information entered by you is absent, then it should be entered once again. For this purpose you can use the first way or change the data, having pressed the edit button which is on top the education block. In the same way select the higher education and enter your data. Do not forget to save changes.

3. If you do not want other users to see information on where you studied - click "my settings" in the upper right corner. Open the privacy window. Opposite to a line "Who sees the main information of my page" put restriction: "only friends", "friends and friends of friends", "only I", "everything, except …" or "some friends". Your information will be seen only by those users for whom you will open access.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team