How to stop downloading

How to stop downloading

The user can load movies, music, programs, graphic, text and other files from the Internet. Using possibilities of the browser or special applications for loading, he can control process and at any time stop, renew or delete downloading.


1. To have an opportunity to manage process of downloading in the Mozilla Firefox browser, customize the display of a window of loadings. Start the browser in the way, usual for yourself and select the Setup item in the Tools menu. Go in the opened dialog box to the Main tab and install a marker in the field of "Show a Window of Loadings when Loading the File" in the Loadings group. Click OK that new settings became effective.

2. Now every time at start of downloading the file will open a new dialog box where the loading course will be displayed. In line with a file name on the right from a tape indicator several buttons are located. Temporarily to stop loading of the file, press the Pause button in the form of two parallel lines. For a full stop and canceling of downloading press the button with an icon [x].

3. After loading process is cancelled, the file all the same will remain in the list, and you will be able to return to it at any time. If you are distracted by separately opening Loadings window, you can turn off its automatic emergence and independently cause it at the moment of need. For this purpose in the course of downloading click the Loadings point in the Tools menu.

4. Also fast management of loadings is available at the enabled addition for the Download Statusbar browser. During downloading to panels of additions automatically there is an indicator displaying the loading course. Having clicked it with the right mouse button, you can choose the pause command in a drop-down menu — it will suspend downloading. If you want to stop completely it, click on the Canceling point.

5. In the applications intended for downloading content, for example, in a torrent clients or other boot managers, use control buttons — "Pause" and "Stop" to manage the downloading course. If it is required to delete any file from the list, click its name with the right mouse button and choose the Delete command in a context menu.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team