How to untwist mailing

How to untwist mailing

Internet mailing is a distribution of messages on e-mails of the signed users. It is not spam which comes without yours to that approvals. On the contrary, it is necessary to agree to mailing. However to make so that the number of subscribers constantly increased, very not easy.


1. For continuous increase in number of subscribers, that is for "promotion" of mailing it is necessary to create qualitative, interesting, useful, and, above all, - original material. Try to think up such contents which they could not read in one other place for clients.

2. Give an opportunity to subscribers to win something in mailing. And it optional should be monetary prizes. You can present them, for example, the book in an electronic format or the link to unique and useful material. At the same time do not forget that the prize should be of value for the reader: do not send it the first book in search query, otherwise he will just lose any desire to your releases.

3. Suggest to participate in a quiz or to do a small task. Publish the right answers in the following letters. It will stir interest of subscribers, and they will definitely not ignore the letter with your mailing.

4. Become for your readers the primary source of necessary information. Try to find for them as much as possible latest news connected with subject of your letters.

5. Do not do each release too serious and boring, "dilute" it with couple of jokes. Thus you will connect your product with positive associations, and subscribers will read each release of mailing.

6. Do not disregard also distribution of free material. Give references to samples of goods, the software, e-books and so on. Naturally, all of them should be somehow connected with a subject of the offered mailing.

7. It is possible to advance content via specially created website. Besides, you can specify links in all articles or books placed yours. Also social networks can help with promotion. From you it will only be required to place such information which would be interesting and relevant for users. Then they will surely follow your link and will subscribe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team