Properties of horse-radish

Properties of horse-radish

The spice plant with the dissonant name horse-radish and unique properties is widespread everywhere. Once it gives vent, it will creep away on all site and will turn into an importunate weed. That it didn't occur, it is necessary to observe an agrotechnology of cultivation.

Horse-radish - useful properties

Gardeners provide to horse-radish grow independently on one place several years, digging out a part of a rhizome as required, leaving young growth in the earth. It is wrong. To save the site from horse-radish thickets, it is necessary to land it every year, as a last resort – in a year.

For landing select the shanks cut of 10-15 cm, care for horse-radish usual – watering, weeding. Move away him for the winter at the end of October. The earth is shaken off, leaves cut off, side backs delete. Store rhizomes in sand in a dry cellar. The plant this frost-resistant, perfectly winters in soil, the remained roots can be dug out in the spring.

Flavoring and health giving qualities of horse-radish are known for a long time. The fresh juice of horse-radish strengthens release of hydrochloric acid in a stomach and is effective at treatment of gastritises with the lowered acidity. The root of horse-radish is applied as diuretic at hypostases, stones in a bladder, rheumatism. Infusion of leaves of horse-radish is used as cosmetic for removal of freckles and pigmentary spots. Several drops of a fresh juice of horse-radish added to milk will keep it from souring.


Horse-radish is used for salting cucumbers, by preparations of spicy snack. "Vigorous" tomatoes with horse-radish turn out very tasty. Tomatoes of average size stack in the sterilized banks. Overripe fruits are put in a pan, brought to the boil, wiped through a sieve. On 2.5 l add 2.5 spoons of salt and 4 tablespoons of sugar to the received puree, stir put on fire.

As soon as juice begins to boil, put ¼ glasses of polished horse-radish, the garlic as much crushed and 200 g of the paprika who is passed via the meat grinder there. Allow to boil and fill in with a hot brine tomatoes. Sterilize 3-liter jars of 20 minutes and roll up. Vinegar and other preservatives don't add.

Hot spice – beet with horse-radish is good to meat and fish. Root crops will be required: beet of 100 g, horse-radish of 200 g. Vegetables rasp, mix. Cook marinade – 300 ml of water, sugar and salt on 20 g, boil vinegar of 9% 150 g, fill in vegetables, close iron covers and store in the cool place.

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